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About the Journal

The McMaster University Medical Journal (MUMJ) is an annual academic journal created to share advances in medicine and to augment our understanding of social issues which impact individual and population health. MUMJ welcomes original articles written by students, medical residents, and faculty of all disciplines. The scope of the journal is wide, encompassing both clinical medicine and non-clinical aspects of health and medicine, such as ethical and legal issues, health policy, and history of medicine.

Submissions and inquiries should be emailed to:

ISSN 1927-2413 McMaster University Medical Journal (Print)
ISSN 1927-2421 McMaster University Medical Journal (Online)

MUMJ Staff 2015/2016


  • Lazar Milovanovic

Executive Editors:

  • Elizabeth Simms, Karen Lien


  • Gayathri Naganathan
  • Tyler Faulds
  • Siddharth Nath
  • Ronald Leung
  • Andrew Ramadeen
  • Emily Baxter

Design and Layout:

  • MSU Underground Media + Design

MUMJ Alumni

Since the creation of the McMaster University Medical Journal, it has been our intention to maintain a detailed directory, of all the people who have helped design, coordinate and contribute to the journals success. With the help of these dedicated and motivated students and faculty, the MUMJ has been a great success. This directory of alumni is available online.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Lazar Milovanovic, MD Class of 2016: Follow us on Twitter @MUMJonline.

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