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Visiting Student Electives

The Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine Visiting Electives Program, McMaster University offers opportunities for medical students enrolled in accredited medical schools from Canada, AAMC, and international medical schools.


Please contact the visiting student electives office with any questions or concerns.

  • How do I find the electives office for registration on Monday morning?

  • What does “registration” entail? Do I need to go?

  • Do I need to come to registration first, or should I go to my elective first?

  • Where/how do I get a parking pass for the hospital(s) I will be working at?

  • I will need scrubs for my elective, where and how do I access them?

  • Will my ScrubEx and Security access be set up for me when I arrive?

  • Will I need a pager for my elective? If so, where can I find the telecommunications office to receive one?

  • I will likely need computer access for my elective. How is this set up for me?

  • How do I access my dictation number?

  • I haven’t been informed of where to go/who to meet for my elective. What do I do now?

  • My homeschool requires that an evaluation be completed at the end of my elective. How do I ensure this happens?

  • The evaluation cannot be sent back to my homeschool by me. How can I ask the electives office to email/ mail the evaluation to my homeschool?

  • Who can I contact if I’m having trouble throughout my elective(s)?

  • General Information

  • Pagers

  • Scrubs

  • Dictation

  • MediTech Access

  • White Coats

  • Parking

  • Transportation

  • Directions/Locations

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