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2017/18 ​MD Program Fees

The table below outlines the tuition and supplementary fees associated with your medical education at McMaster. In addition to the expenses listed below, you will also need to think about ​basic living costs that you will incur ​such as accommodation, utilities, transportation and food costs. There will also be unanticipated expenses throughout medical school such as elective travel, CaRMS interview fees and transportation, and membership fees.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Tuition $2​7,241.16 $2​7,241.16 $2​7,241.16
Supplementary Fees:
Athletics & Recreation $119.60 $119.60 $119.60
Learning Resources $247.38 $247.38 $247.38
Medical Students Society $150.00 $150.00 $150.00
Student Health Service $60.11 $60.11 $60.11
Student Services Fee $73.18 $73.18 $73.18
Health Screening $28.55 $28.55 $28.55
Respiratory Mask Fitting $2​3.36 $2​3.36 $2​3.36
MSU - Health Insurance and Dental Plan $2​58.00 $2​58.00 $2​58.00
Total Supplementary Fees $9​60.18 $9​60.18 $9​60.18
TOTAL TUITION AND FEES $28,201.34 $28,201.34 $28,201.34

International Fees (Medicine) all years - $95,000.00 plus supplementary Fees ($​960.18) = $95,​960.18

Estimated Basic Living Costs in Hamilton

Expense Cost
1 Bedroom Rental $600 - $800
2 Bedroom Rental $800 - $1000
3 Bedroom Rental $1000+
Heat, Electricity, Water $90 - $350+
Internet (6Mbps, unlimited data, CABLE/ADSL) $45 - $100+
Groceries $200 - $350

What Sources of Funding Are Available To Me?

  • Provincial Assitance

  • MD Program Bursary Assistance

  • Elective Travel and Research Awards

  • External Bursaries or Awards

  • Final Year Medical Student Bursary - Clerkship Stipend

  • Clerkship Travel Program


Download and use this budget worksheet to help create an annual budget that you can use to keep track of your expenses during medical school and plan ahead for ​a successful three years.

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships works in collaboration with the Student Success Office and Catholic Credit Counselling to develop financial services for undergraduate students focusing around budgeting and money management, understanding credit, good financial habits etc. 

This initiative is called the MAC’s Money Centre.  Their first step was a website which you can view here:

Medical School can be a very exciting time, but it is also very stressful.

Student Support Services (Student Affairs) focuses on providing assistance with personal, learning or career issues, so you can continue to excel in your education. Some of the counselling and support they offer include:

  • Career Planning and CaRMS

  • Student Advising

  • Financial Competencies

The OCRC (Off-Campus Resource Centre) serves primarily as a rental listing service for landlords. However, ​they also have a variety of housing-related resources for students and others visiting McMaster on a temporary basis. ​Visit their office to pick up a copy of the Hamilton Bus Route Map, inquire about referrals to local legal clinics, and view the full listings in-person. They are always glad to answer your questions and assist in your quest for temporary housing!

Some of the services they offer:

  • One-on-One Meetings with Our Staff

  • Lease Reviews

  • Information Sessions for Students Moving Off-Campus

  • Off-Campus Housing Fair

  • Housemate Connector

Check out campus-based resources using the following links:

Hamilton Campus

Niagara Regional Campus

Waterloo Regional Campus

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