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Standardized Patient Program

The Waterloo Regional Campus Standardized Patient Program (SPP) is a joint initiative with the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy

We Are Recruiting! 

We are currently recruiting individuals to be a part of the education of our future health care providers! Our Standardized Patients (SPs) come from a variety of backgrounds - medical and/or acting experience are not required - instead, we are looking for SPs who are unbiased, emotionally mature, active listeners, professional, reliable, and understand the importance of their contribution to health professions.

If you would like to be considered for a position with our program, please complete the online SP interest form. Once submitted, you may be contacted to attend an information session/group interview.

We are accepting applications until Friday September 8th, 2017.

  • What is the Standardized Patient Program?

    The integrated Standardized Patient Program (SPP) brings two of Canada’s leading educational institutions - McMaster University and the University of Waterloo - together and provides new opportunities for inter-professional training and education. Students from both schools will be able to practice their skills on patients who are thoroughly trained to simulate every aspect of the patient case and in providing feedback that is specific, observable, clear, and formative.
  • What are Standardized Patients?

    • A standardized patient (SP) is a healthy person who is
      trained to realistically and accurately reproduce a history,
      physical and/or emotional medical scenario that a real
      patient would present.
    • SPs provide faculty and learners opportunities to teach,
      assess, and refine a variety of skills, including history
      taking, physical examinations, counseling, and clinical
    • SPs provide a unique approach to health care provider patient
      interactions which supports learners’ development
      of patient-centric communication and interviewing skills
      as well as professionalism, compassion, and empathy.
    • SPs can be used in a variety of settings such as
      interactive teaching sessions, group demonstration,
      clinical examinations, and as part of large group lectures.

  • Effective Feedback for Learners

    • SPs are trained in providing feedback that is specific,
      observable, clear, and non-evaluative.
    • Feedback is provided from the unique point of view of the
    • Effective feedback provides learners the opportunity to
      refine their knowledge and skills.

  • Simulation and Standardization

    • SPs are trained to simulate a broad range of scenarios
      - from psycho-social issues, such as abuse, to physical
    • SPs are thoroughly trained to simulate every aspect of the
      patient case, from medical history and physical findings to
      body language and emotional characteristics.
    • SP training also focus on standardization, ensuring
      consistent case simulation regardless of which SP is
    • SPs are also used as Physical Exam Models for clinical
      skills practice.
    • SP-learner interactions reinforce the skills and knowledge
      taught in class and applies it to real world settings.

For more information on booking, or on becoming, a standardized patient, contact:

Geekie-Sousa, Aaron      

Aaron Geekie-Sousa
Standardized Patient Trainer
519-885-5426 ext. 21124

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