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Faculty Development

Welcome to the Faculty Development program at the Waterloo Regional Campus. 

Since opening our doors in 2007, Waterloo-Wellington communities have demonstrated that they are ideally suited to be educational hubs for the training of physicians. The long-term success and sustainability of this initiative is clearly due to the commitment of local physicians to share expertise and wisdom with out students. 

There are many valued educational roles that we hope will intrigue and interest you. Our students require a vast array of preclinical and clinical experiences within a well-defined medical education program. Your willingness to assist in the training of our future physicians ensures their experiences and education in Waterloo-Wellington is first class! 

Thank you for considering what role you can play in this exciting educational mandate. Through focused, accredited faculty development sessions and individual support by our knowledgeable regional education leaders, we trust you will feel comfortable and supported to participate as vital members of our teaching team. 

Dr. Catherine Tong is here to help you learn and grow in your academic role(s). Check out the resources page to learn about current and upcoming opportunities.  

Tong, Catherine        


Dr. Catherine Tong

Faculty Development Coordinator
Waterloo Regional Campus

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