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The Medical Foundations

The Pre-Clinical curriculum is divided into 5 sequential units, called Medical Foundations (MFs for short).   The lengths and topics of the MFs are listed below.
Small group problem-based learning is the core pedagogy in the pre-clinical MFs. During each MF, students are divided into tutorial groups of 6-8 students, with a faculty member acting as the tutor for the group. Tutorials take place twice each week, for about 3 hours each time. In addition to tutorials, students attend some Large Group Sessions as a class. Each group also has anatomy and clinical skills sessions.
  • Medical Foundation 1

    Medical Foundation 1 (13 weeks - September-December): This is the first Foundation in the curriculum. It addresses the first of the major concept themes in the curriculum, that of oxygen supply and exchange. In addressing problems that arise from inspired air right through to oxygen at the cellular level, students will learn much related to the respiratory, hematologic and cardiovascular systems.
  • Medical Foundation 2

    Medical Foundation 2 (9 weeks - December-February): This is the first of the two Foundations that addresses aspects of homeostasis, particularly that of energy balance, including issues related to the GI tract, endocrine system and nutrition.
  • Medical Foundation 3

    Medical Foundation 3 (9 weeks - late February-April): This Foundation covers the second part of homeostasis, including the balance of acid and base, blood pressure and renal function and then goes on to address reproduction and pregnancy and a number of issues in genetics related to reproduction. 
  • Medical Foundation 4

    Medical Foundation 4 (10 weeks - late April--June): This Foundation addresses host defence, which includes immunology and infectious disease, and then moves on to look at neoplasia and the genetics of neoplasia.   
  • Medical Foundation 5

    Medical Foundation 5 (13 weeks - late August- mid-November of 2nd year): This covers the concepts of movement control and interacting and communicating, which includes the locomotor system, the nervous system and behaviour.   Aspects of human development will run through all of the five Medical Foundations. 

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