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Professional Competencies

The Professional Competencies curriculum is interwoven throughout the 3-year program. This component of the curriculum enables the student to pull together the complexities of clinical practice: ethics, communication skills, self-reflection, health systems, interprofessional teamwork ... the layers of meaning and being that well-rounded doctors of tomorrow must possess. Clinical skills will be introduced early and often, a hallmark of McMaster's patient-centred curriculum. Patient partners and more hands-on clinics - as well as enhanced resources in the clinical learning centre - round out the offerings.

This curriculum is anchored by a weekly tutorial session led by an MD and non-MD team of facilitators who will remain with their group throughout pre-clerkship.

In addition to this, the Professional Competencies stream will be purposefully ​integrated with Conceptual Foundations tutorial sessions, Clinical Skills and Clerkship.

Key Domains

The Professional Competencies stream is a competency-based, longitudinal curriculum with a focus in seven key domains:

  • Effective Communication

  • Medical Decision-Making

  • Moral Reasoning and Ethical Judgement

  • Population Health

  • Professionalism and Self-Awareness

  • Social, Cultural and Humanistic Dimensions of Health

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