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Credentialing Non-Canadian Grades

Applicants with foreign (non-Canadian and non-US) transcripts must go through a credentialing ​evaluation. Credentialing ​evaluation means converting foreign academic credentials into their Ontario educational equivalents. The ​evaluation is for MD Admissions review only and a course-by-course evaluation along with an overall GPA is required. For more detailed information see the OMSAS Information Booklet.

Applicants, Canadian or non-Canadian, who have not met minimum course number criteria utilizing their Canadian or US data and require inclusion of their international education data must have their foreign transcript ​evaluated by World Education Services (

Applicants must have their transcript(s) sent directly from their university to World Education Services and be able to prove (with dated letter and dated post office receipt) that an attempt was made to ensure transcripts are received by WES in time for their ​evaluation to reach OMSAS by the application deadline. WES will forward the transcript to OMSAS along with the report. Applicants do not need to send a second copy to OMSAS or to McMaster.

Students whose home school is in Canada or the United States and travel overseas for an exchange, do not need a WES ​evaluation for their exchange, but they must arrange for the school they attended on exchange to send a transcript to OMSAS.

**Please note - Grades from foreign credentials will not be included for applicants who meet the minimum course number requirements with Canadian or US education.

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