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Transcripts/Registrar Statement Requirements

Applicants should request all transcript materials prior to September 15th of the year of application, to allow adequate time for processing requests and for receipt at OMSAS by the prescribed deadline.

Transcripts from Ontario universities must be ordered through OMSAS via the Transcript Request Form (TRF) at the time of application. All other required transcripts and Registrar Statements must be submitted directly to OMSAS by the post-secondary institutions attended.

Applicants should retain all dated receipts and correspondence related to their transcript request. In the event of a late or missing transcript, evidence to show that applicants have requested transcripts in a timely fashion will be requested by McMaster University. Failure by the applicant to meet this requirement, comply with the instructions, or to meet all the deadlines will result in disqualification of the application.

Please note:

  • McMaster requires that applicants provide transcripts of all post-secondary courses / programs attended at any post-secondary institution. These include community colleges, CEGEP's, junior colleges, pre-university programs etc.
  • For courses taken on a "Letter of Permission" at another institution, or for which transfer credit / advanced standing was granted, applicants must ensure that a transcript from the other institution with the actual grade(s) achieved is received at OMSAS by the application deadline. This provision also applies to courses as well as terms / semesters of study abroad taken as part of a regular program.
  • Only transcripts sent directly to OMSAS by the post-secondary institution(s) will be accepted. Transcripts sent by the applicant will not be accepted. Applicants who have questions about this requirement are advised to write to the MD Admissions Co-ordinator, McMaster University, at well in advance of the deadline.

OMSAS will provide a Verification Report which includes information about receipt of transcripts, only with regard to university credit work. Other postsecondary transcripts which McMaster University requires may not be reflected in the verification report. Failure to meet all transcript requirements will result in disqualification of the application.

Advanced Standing/Transfer

The structure of the McMaster Program requires that all students begin in Medical Foundation I. There is no provision for advanced standing or transfer into the Program.

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