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Geographical Status

The geographical status of an applicant is determined from the Autobiographic Sketch. Applicants may be asked to provide evidence of geographical status. In selecting applicants for interview, the bona fide place of residence will be used in the following order of priority:

(1) The Province of Ontario

(2) Outside Ontario

Ninety percent of interview positions will be given to those who qualify as (1) Province of Ontario Resident, and 10% to those who qualify as (2) Outside Ontario .

To qualify for (1) above, an applicant must: (a) be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident by the application deadline, and (b) have resided for at least three years in Ontario since the age of 14 by the date of possible entry to the program. Attendance at a university in Ontario for at least three years by June of the year of possible entry to the program satisfies the second requirement.

Those applicants who qualify for International Fee Exemption, such as Convention Refugees, are considered Permanent Residents of Canada, for the purpose of our selection process, and tuition.  Please see McMaster's Policy for International Fee Exemption here: International Fee Exemption McMaster University

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