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Selection Formulae

The Undergraduate Medical Program uses two formulae to rank applicants - the first provides a rank order list for invitation to interview, and the second provides a rank order list for advancement to Collation (full file review). The overall weightings reflect our commitment to consider the cognitive and professional qualities of applicants equally. 

2022/2023 Formulae

  • Formula 1: Invitation to Interview

    • 32% Undergraduate Grade Point Average
    • 32% MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Score
    • 32% ​Casper Score
    • 4% Graduate degree bonus (1% Master's/4% PhD)
  • Formula 2: Advancement to Collation (File Review)/Offer of Admission

    • 70% Multiple Mini Interview Score
    • 15% Undergraduate Grade Point Average
    • 15% MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Score

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