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Academic Requirements and Criteria of Evaluation



Only degree courses taken at an accredited university will be considered. To satisfy the minimum requirements, academic credentials obtained from a Canadian University must be from an institution with academic standards and performance consistent with those of member institutions of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU). The applicant must be able to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement consistently throughout their undergraduate career.

An applicant who has completed a diploma at a CEGEP (Province of Quebec) must have completed by May of the year of application at least two additional years (20 half year credits) of degree credit work at an accredited university.

Applicants who have satisfactorily completed the requirements for a baccalaureate degree in less than three years by the time of the application deadline, and who meet the "3.00" average requirement, are also eligible.

An overall simple average will be calculated using the grades from all undergraduate degree level courses ever taken (with the exception of credits taken on exchange outside of Canada/USA). Work of different years is treated equally. This average is calculated by the applicant on the OMSAS Academic Record Form and verified on the OMSAS Verification Report which is sent to applicants. McMaster University may also review and revise this average. The marks from supplementary and summer courses will be included in the GPA calculation. Courses for which a "Pass" grade is assigned are counted for credit, but will not be included in the GPA calculation. In order for the GPA to be evaluated, independent grades from a minimum of 5 half-year or 5 full-year courses in total, are required, without which the application will not be considered.

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