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Request for Disability-Based Consideration in the Admissions Process

Students with disabilities are encouraged to apply to the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine if they have the skills and abilities to meet the requirements of the medical degree. Applicants must confirm they can meet the technical standards outlined in the Essential Skills and Abilities Required for Entry to a Medical Degree Program.

Unknown, undiagnosed and/or unaccommodated disabilities may result in grades which disadvantage applicants unfairly.  If you have an unaccommodated disability, you may request additional consideration in the undergraduate MD program admission process if you:

  • were not aware that you had a disability or
  • were not appropriately accommodated for a documented disability during your undergraduate studies.

This request applies only to the initial assessment of your OMSAS application and pertains only to the treatment of the applicant’s grades (GPA).  Supporting documentation is required.  Accommodation for MCAT and/or ​Casper are considered by AAMC and Altus Assessments respectively and are not granted by the McMaster MD Program.

More information about the process and documentation required to make a request for Disability-Based Consideration in the Admissions Process will be found on the Ontario Medical School Application Service (OMSAS) website at

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