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Offers of Admission

All applicants who are interviewed in March or April will be notified via email of their results (offer of admission, waitlist for offer of admission, declined) on the second Tuesday in May.

Those who receive an offer of admission will need to look after a number of things during the summer in order to meet the conditions of their offer – see “Accepting Your Offer of Admission”


Review of Admission Decisions

No appeal procedure shall be available for decisions on admission to the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University. Such decisions may be reviewed within the following framework:

  1. An applicant to the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine who believes that the admission decision is incorrect, or based on incorrect or incomplete information, may, within one week of receiving the decision, request a review of that decision by writing to the Admissions Officer, MD Program, stating why she/he thinks the decision should be reviewed.  The Admissions Officer will gather the information for review by the Chair, MD Admissions.
  2. The Chair, MD Admissions shall determine whether the information on which the decision was based was incomplete or incorrect and, if so, shall refer the request for review by the MD Admissions Committee. The MD Admissions Committee shall make a final decision and report it to the Admissions Officer, MD Program, who shall then convey the decision in writing to the student.

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