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UGME Mission & Social Accountability

Our Mission

The UGME Program’s mission is “educating and inspiring future physicians to improve health and well-being for all through clinical excellence, innovation, scholarship, leadership and social accountability.”

  • Why educating?

  • Why inspiring?

  • Why focus on improving health and well-being?

  • Why for all?

How do we achieve this?

  • Through clinical excellence:

  • Through innovation:

  • Through scholarship:

  • Through leadership:

  • Through social accountability:

Social Accountability

The UGME program is committed to priority health concerns of the populations we serve: “We commit to serving and including the people and populations in our regions of Hamilton, Waterloo, Niagara and surrounding communities in all work we do. We reflect systematically with an equity lens on our structures and actions to care, educate, study, innovate and lead in a manner that includes and best serves the marginalized and oppressed.”

The UGME program addresses its social accountability responsibilities through a system of distributed regional campuses and clinical education campuses. This distributed medical education model provides education and clinical experiences within the communities and regions we have a mandate to serve. 

The UGME program fosters social accountability through leadership with Chair roles in Diversity and Indigenous Curriculum. The UGME program is committed to recruiting and retaining faculty and administrative leaders, instructors, tutors, facilitators and supervisors who represent marginalized, oppressed, and underserved groups. 

The UGME program seeks to address health concerns of all who are marginalized and oppressed, with focused effort on priority groups. Priority groups are identified in a consultative process which considers demographics, healthcare experiences, and needs of groups within the UGME program’s catchment area, revisited biennially by the UGME program executive.

Currently, we identify two groups of priority:
(1) those who identify as Indigenous including First Nations, Métis and Inuit
(2) those who identify with Black ancestry

How is our social accountability fulfilled through:

  • Admissions:

  • Student support:

  • Curricular content:

  • Types and locations of educational experiences:

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