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Director, Tutor Coaching Program

Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Program Leadership Position 

Posted February 9, 2020

For a PDF copy of the position description and responsibilities please click here.

The UGME Program of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine is a fully distributed medical education program that uses problem-based, self-directed, and early patient exposure learning approaches. The curriculum is concept based and committed to problem-based, small group learning (PBL) as a foundational pedagogy.

Assuring the quality of faculty who act as tutors in the pre-clerkship is key to the success of PBL. Faculty who express an interest in becoming tutors are trained by the UGME Program, usually through its Tutorial MacEssentials Workshops. When a faculty member is accepted to tutor in the program, their first tutoring experience may be monitored and facilitated by the UGME’s Tutor Coaching Program or by the Pre-Clerkship Coordinator in the tutor’s campus. In Hamilton campus, each first-time tutor is matched with a trained tutor coach who reviews the tutor’s objectives for the coaching, attends in person or reviews a videotaped tutorial and provides the tutor with feedback and assistance as needed to achieve the tutor’s objectives. Tutors in regional campuses are provided with equivalent oversight and assistance.

The UGME Program is seeking a faculty member to oversee its Tutor Coaching Program. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest and experience in medical education, and more specifically in the theory and practice of PBL and small group learning.


  • Participate in ensuring the quality of tutors in the UGME program, including:
    • Liaising with Pre-Clerkship Coordinators in Niagara and Waterloo Regional Campuses to ensure that equivalent tutor coaching is available in all three campuses;
    • Recruitingandtrainingfacultywhohavedemonstratedexcellenceastutorstoactastutorcoaches;
    • Liaising with administrative staff in participating campuses to identify first-time tutors before the start of each Foundation;
    • Communicating with first-time tutors to explain the goals and process of the Tutor Coaching Program;
    • Assisting first-time tutors to establish objectives for the tutor coaching sessions;
    • Matching first-time tutors with tutor coaches;
    • Supervising the organization of tutor coaching sessions by administrative staff;
    • Acting as a tutor coach at least 3 times per year;
    • Being available to act as a tutor coach whenever other tutor coaches are unavailable;
    • Creating, receiving and reviewing evaluations submitted by participants in the Tutor Coaching Program;
    • Assisting in the remediation of tutors with identified gaps in tutoring skills.
  • Under the direction of the Chair of Pre-Clerkship and working with the Chair of Program Evaluation, assist in the development and evaluation of tools to assess tutor competence and performance;
  • Participate in quality improvement activities within the MD Program and incorporate best practices and available evidence across the distributed education network;
  • Be readily available to problem-solve as needed.


  • Demonstrated interest in undergraduate medical education
  • Demonstrated familiarity with the Pre-Clerkship curriculum and problem-based learning
  • Extensive tutoring experience in the UGME Pre-Clerkship.
  • Advanced training (e.g. diploma or masters programming) in education principles is highly desirable

Appointment: The Director, Tutor Coaching Program is appointed by the Pre-Clerkship Chair with the approval of the Pre-Clerkship Committee. This position reports to the Pre-Clerkship Chair.

Term: The appointment is for a three-year term and is renewable subject to review by the Pre-Clerkship Chair with approval of the Pre-Clerkship Committee.

Time commitment and Stipend: The commitment will average out to one half day every 4 weeks over the year. The associated stipend is $5000. The role is credited with 100 indirect academic credits per year.

Interested persons should email their curriculum vitae and expression of interest to the attention of Dr. Karen McAssey, Pre-Clerkship Chair, Undergraduate Medical Education, by February 15, 2021. The email should be sent to the email address of Janet Paci at Please feel to contact Dr. McAssey at for further clarification or information.

In keeping with McMaster’s commitment to employment equity within its community, the Undergraduate Medical Education Program(UGME) encourages all existing faculty members appointed to the Faculty of Health Sciences or those eligible for appointment, including women, persons with disabilities, First Nations, Métis and Inuit persons, members of racialized communities and LGBTQ-identified persons to apply for this leadership role. Applicants requiring any form of accommodation throughout the selection procedure are asked to contact Janet Paci at . Applicants for this position should hold an academic appointment within the Faculty of Health Sciences or be eligible for a part-time academic appointment as outlined here: 

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