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Professional Competencies

In Pre-Clinical studies, Professional Competencies (Pro Comp) runs in parallel to the Medical Foundations. Groups of 8-10 students work with a pair of facilitators, one an MD and one a clinician from a different discipline. The groups stay together for the entirety of Pre-Clinical, meeting every Tuesday morning for 3 hours. They explore material covering seven domains: effective communication, medical decision-making, moral reasoning and ethical judgement, population health, professionalism and self-awareness and self-care, inter-professional practice and social, cultural and humanistic dimensions of health.

In the Clinical curriculum, Pro Comp topics and issues are integrated into the core Clinical rotations in different ways, depending on the rotation. 

This curriculum is anchored by a weekly tutorial session led by an MD and non-MD team of facilitators who will remain with their group throughout pre-clerkship.

In addition to this, the Professional Competencies stream will be purposefully ​integrated with the Medical and Integration Foundations tutorial sessions, Clinical Skills, and Clerkship.  In the proposed renewed curriculum, students will approach their first Professional Competencies discussion with a stronger grounding in the professional expectations of a physician.  As they progress through their first year, students will notice congruency between the theoretical discussions that that are having in Professional Competencies groups and the simulated practice they undertake in Clinical Skills labs. 

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