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Education Methods

To achieve the objectives of the Undergraduate Medical Program, students are introduced to patients within the first foundation of the curriculum. In this way, students understand the relevance of what they are learning, maintain a high degree of motivation and begin to understand the importance of responsible professional attitudes. The students are presented with a series of tutorial problems, requiring for their solution the understanding of underlying biological, population and behavioural principles, the appropriate collection of data and the critical appraisal of evidence. The faculty function as learning resources or guides. Learning by a process of inquiry is stressed.

Problem Based Learning (PBL)

In 1969, the medical school at McMaster University introduced a unique, hands-on approach to learning medicine called Problem-based Learning.


Early Patient Interaction

MD Students are introduced to patients within the first foundation of the curriculum.


Self Directed Learning

McMaster's focus on self-directed learning encourages medical students take an active approach to their education.


Assessment Methods

Student assessment in the UGME program documents the student’s emerging identity as a medical professional.


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