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New UGME Student Assistance Section

Feb 7, 2017

Today we are announcing the launch of the UGME Student Assistance section in Medportal.

To increase awareness of the reporting procedures for student mistreatment, the department has prioritized the development and launch of a dedicated resource section available on our medportal site. The Student Assistance section is now a prominent feature of your medportal experience accessible via the main sidebar menu and through an icon situated in the menu bar that runs along the top of every Medportal page.

The Student Assistance section includes information and resources in four main areas:

Needlestick Injuries or Blood Exposure
You got a needlestick or other injury while working clinically and need to know the process for reporting.

Mental or Physical Health Concerns
You are sick with a physical or mental illness and need to know how to  get help.

Unplanned Leave
You’ll be missing time from the program and need to know how to apply for an absence.

Student Mistreatment
Through the Student Mistreatment section, you can access information on how to report incidents, see examples of types of mistreatment you may encounter, find resources which may be useful in identifying or reporting an incident and look up contact information for important people in the reporting process. You will also find contact information and resources to help you deal with the feelings associated with being mistreated. Information is available for mistreatment incidents that may occur in both the University and Clinical settings.

For further information you can contact Student Affairs at your campus:

@ Hamilton Campus       Dr. Christina Grant
@ Niagara Campus         Dr. Amanda Bell 
@ Waterloo Campus       Dr. Margo Mountjoy



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