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​2022/2023 ​MD Program Fees

The table below outlines the tuition and supplementary fees associated with your medical education at McMaster. In addition to the expenses listed below, you will also need to think about ​basic living costs that you will incur ​such as accommodation, utilities, transportation and food costs. There will also be unanticipated expenses throughout medical school such as elective travel, CaRMS interview fees and transportation, and membership fees.


$2​5,129.96 (Ontario)  

$27, 178.04    (Out of Province) 

Supplementary Fees:
Athletics & Recreation $133.69
Learning Resources $263.07
Medical Students Society $158.90
Student Health Service $67.19
Student Wellness Centre $81.80
Health Screening $30.15
Respiratory Mask Fitting $2​4.66
MSU - Health Insurance and Dental Plan $2​​65.90
Total Supplementary Fees $1025.36
TOTAL TUITION AND FEES $26,155.32 (Ontario) $28,203.40     (Out of Province)

International Fees (Medicine) per year - $95,000.00 plus supplementary Fees ($​1025.36) = $96,025.26

Estimated Basic Living Costs in Hamilton (as of January 2022)

Expense Average Cost
1 Bedroom Rental $1425
2 Bedroom Rental $1795
3 Bedroom Rental $2200
4 Bedroom Rental $3000
Heat, Electricity, Water $90 - $350+
Internet (10Mbps, unlimited data, Cable/ADSL) $45 - $100+
Groceries $250 - $400

What Sources of Funding Are Available To Me?

  • Provincial Assitance

  • MD Program Bursary Assistance

  • External Bursaries or Awards

  • Final Year Medical Student Bursary - Clerkship Stipend

  • Clerkship Travel Program

  • Student Line of Credit

Financial Wellness

Student ​Services worked in collaboration with the Student Success Office to create Mac's Money Centre which develops financial services for undergraduate students focusing around budgeting and money management, understanding credit, good financial habits etc. 

The Money Centre provides resources in a number of different areas from budgeting to investing.

Coaching from Mac's Money Centre Money Coaches can be accessed as described below.


Book an appointment an accredited Money Coach. Our Money Coach will help you examine your financial situation, discuss possible options and help you create a plan of action that best suits your needs. This service is available to all full-time undergraduates and graduates.

Here are some topics you can cover with a Money Coach:

  • Juggling bills
  • Making a spending plan
  • Credit card shopping
  • Debt repayment
  • Setting financial goals
  • Building wealth
  • Taxes
  • Investing
  • Financial life after Mac

How to book an appointment

Make an appointment to meet one-on-one with an accredited money coach. Appointments can be booked in OSCARplus.

  1. Log into OSCARplus with your MAC ID.
  2. Select Appointments.
  3. Select Student Success Centre Appointments.
  4. Select Mac’s Money Centre.

Concerns regarding your student account or financial aid should be directed to the Student Accounts & Cashiers or Student Financial Aid & Scholarships office respectively.

The OCRC (Off-Campus Resource Centre) serves primarily as a rental listing service for landlords. However, ​they also have a variety of housing-related resources for students and others visiting McMaster on a temporary basis. ​Visit their ​website to view rental listings, match with other McMaster students searching for housing as potential housemates, and resources for living off-campus.

Check out campus-based resources using the following links:

Hamilton Campus

Niagara Regional Campus

Waterloo Regional Campus

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